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22 June 2016

Camera Ready, Not Camera Shy

I spent years as a television broadcaster in front of the camera from every type location imaginable…and there are some basic techniques that executives must know before getting in front of the camera.

Whether you are doing a webcast from you home office computer or from a television quality set your company has had designed, the bottom line is that enhancing your on air presence is very important.

Important skills Accenture Web Quoteto know:

  • What to wear – no bold prints, wear a sleeve, no shiny big jewelry, be careful that you are not wearing sheer fabrics and lastly, make sure that your skirt or dress keep you covered.
  • How body language translates on camera – look straight into the camera, ¬†minimize gestures. ¬†Wiggles will cause giggles.
  • Knowing camera angles – find out if the camera is going to view you wide or tight in on you.

Now, focus on the material and propel your success!

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