22 March 2017

Fashion + Style – At What Price?

For many years, my entire wardrobe consisted of luxury clothing, shoes, accessories and jewelry.  Imagine how difficult (and expensive) it was to purchase a gift for me.  While my career has moved out of retail, it remains rooted in fashion and style even though my shopping habits have changed dramatically.  It is now a guessing...
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21 February 2017

Staples for Men’s Wardrobe

When it comes to wardrobe and attire, men significantly need more detail than women, they want to have exact looks to refer to as they dress each day.  In accordance to this, I am going to give you what a professional business man should have in his closet followed by commentary on these items. Must...
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09 February 2017

What Am I Going to Wear?

Every woman asks herself this question each morning as she prepares to go to work, unless, she is a super planner who planned it out at the beginning of the week. For the rest of us, we need to go through our morning routine as we are trying to get out the door and into...
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12 January 2017

Coming Out of the Closet

Having a working closet is a HUGE time saver! Here are some tips: Divide your closet into keep, alter, donate, discard. Organize your closet by category, then color.  Lightest on the left to darkest on the right.  Separate your suits in your closet – hang jackets with jackets and bottoms with bottoms.  You will always...
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