17 April 2016

Coming out of the closet?

Having a working closet is a HUGE time saver! Here are some tips: Divide your closet into keep, alter, donate, discard. Organize your closet by category, then color.  Lightest on the left to darkest on the right.  Separate your suits in your closet – hang jackets with jackets and bottoms with bottoms.  You will always...
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20 March 2016

Deals at Bergdorf’s, Neiman’s.. You Won’t believe What You Will Find! Valpak Has Changed!!

Spring Runway Trends and 9 Steps to Achieve Them! Read STYLEdge Fashion‘s blog on Behind The Blue powered by Valpak  Also learn about amazing deals from high-end stores like Neiman’s & Bergdorf’s, mid-range stores like Macy’s & Nordstrom & discount shops like Target & Kohls. Valpak has changed and you’ve got to check it out!https://www.valpak.com/blog/spring-runway-trends-and-9-steps-to-achieve-them
26 February 2016

Your handbag is your statement piece and an investment.  We all love an eloquent handbag, and just like everything else that is so lovely, it requires care too.  Make sure to store it in the dust cover with the stuffing in it.  This protects the bag and helps it to maintain the shape.  If you...
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04 February 2016

Sharp Dressed Man!

There is nothing more powerful, handsome and sexy than a well dressed man – think James Bond, George Clooney and Tom Ford.  Always with the perfect fit, dimple in the neckwear and break in the trousers.  Add a pocket square for more flair.  Command respect as you stride into the room. Work with the sales...
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29 January 2016

Fashion Club Membership Perfect Gift! Purchase Now Before Rates Change on Monday, Feb. 1

Elevate your style and elevate your life.  A Fashion Club Membership is the perfect gift!  Our Fashion Club, STYLEdge Syndicate, meets 6-8 times a year at Palma Ceia Golf and Country Club.  Our STYLEdge Sessions are attended by distinct women who seek a deeper understanding of  how a solid image and sense of style can enhance every aspect of  life.  Our...
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