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12 January 2017

Coming Out of the Closet

Having a working closet is a HUGE time saver! Here are some tips:

Divide your closet into keep, alter, donate, discard.

Organize your closet by category, then color.  Lightest on the left to darkest on the right.  Separate your suits in your closet – hang jackets with jackets and bottoms with bottoms.  You will always know that they match and this opens up the eye to more outfits.

Do not shove clothing in your closet.  Make sure that they are friendly with their neighbor but not harassing them.  You want to be able to see everything that is in your closet.

The six month rule is no good!  If you have not worn it in six months, it might still be ok to keep it.  I do, but I make sure that there is some valid reason it is staying in the closet and not because I am going to lose weight.

If you are not sure that you should keep, put it away for three months.  When you get it out after that time, see if you missed it.  If not, then it can go.

Most importantly to have an organized closet, have STYLEdge Fashion come and help you.  In a matter of a few hours, you will have your keep, alter, donate and discard done.  AND, we take photos of all of the new outfits that we put together from your current closet with notes to wear them.  Lastly, we create a shopping list for you of what you really need.  This is a time saver and money saver for you!


photos from Pinterest