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30 January 2017

Fit in Fashion – Tailoring for a Men’s Suit

There are many ways a men’s suit can be fit.  For the jacket, you have choices for the vent – single, double, side.  The number of buttons can be singular, two, three or four, then you need to know how many buttons to remain closed and when they are to be opened.   The style of the jacket can be single or double breasted, then you need to choose the type of lapel.  Once you have made all of these choices, look for fit of the shoulders, tapering to the body, length of the sleeve.

For the trousers, they are either equipped with no pleats, single pleats or double pleats.  Look for the length of trouser and how it will fall on the foot.  They can be hemmed to the ankle, resting gently on the top of the foot or a slight drape over the shoe, before considering whether to have a cuff at the bottom.  All of this will affect the break on the leg.  For pockets, they are not meant to hold significant items and it will change the way the pants drape based on what the gentleman puts in them.

This is an investment piece that with the selection, alterations and fit being correct will be in the wardrobe for years ahead.  To understand how to select, alter and fit a suit, you need to be in the hands of a professional.   There is more to know about the dress shirt, neckwear, pocket square, shoes and other components.  My advice, do not waste your time and money trying to figure it out, I can do that for you.