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21 February 2017

Staples for Men’s Wardrobe

When it comes to wardrobe and attire, men significantly need more detail than women, they want to have exact looks to refer to as they dress each day.  In accordance to this, I am going to give you what a professional business man should have in his closet followed by commentary on these items.

Must haves:

  • Three suits – black, navy and gray
  • Two sportscoats – navy and another neutral color
  • Five dress shirts – one for each day of the week
  • Five to seven neckties
  • Three pair of trousers – black, navy and beige
  • Three button down shirts
  • Three polo shirts
  • Three pair of shorts
  • Two pair of jeans – dark and light denim
  • Two pair of dress shoes – black and brown family
  • Two pair of casual shoes
  • Two belts – black and brown to complement shoes

Wardrobes vary based on your profession thus this list could potentially vary as well.  All the more reason for a professional image consultant to manage your wardrobe.

You need to know what items to invest in for your custom wardrobe, and where to purchase to fit your budget and lifestyle.  Layer in your additional items and accessories.  Lastly, fit and care of your attire is essential for longevity and versatility of your wardrobe to present the look you need.  Always remember that your image is your brand, would you rather command the room or earn the right to do so?


photos from Pinterest