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09 February 2017

What Am I Going to Wear?

Every woman asks herself this question each morning as she prepares to go to work, unless, she is a super planner who planned it out at the beginning of the week. For the rest of us, we need to go through our morning routine as we are trying to get out the door and into our power positions at work.

As I said earlier this week, having an organized closet is mandatory, really, this is not an option. There are a few other tricks that really help. Each day, you need to know what image you are going to project. If it is a day that you are presenting to a new client, trying to close a deal or going in front of the board room, you need to look like power and success.

Or, it could be casual Friday where you must look like the professional that you are but can be a little more dressed down. Think about pairing a jacket with a button down shirt and a pair of jeans. Note that the jeans must be fit and have the proper length, no distressed jeans for this. Flip flops and yoga pants are not an option unless you really are walking into a yoga studio, but never for the office or professional situations.

Lastly, you can have one stand out piece in your ensemble as your inspiration for the outfit of the day. Highlight a statement necklace, colorful pair of heels or an animal print blouse. Mix and match these with solids appropriately so that your outfit does not speak louder than you do. Take a look at the amazing red skirt that stands out with the softer shades of black and white in the photo on the left.

Invest in a professional such as myself to have your closet organized and your professional wardrobe fine tuned or completely revamped. The time, energy and money you will ultimately save is well worth the investment.

Photos from Pinterest