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28 February 2017

What’s in Your Bag? A Handbag Tells Your Story.

Handbags are one of the few items in your wardrobe that truly are an investment.  The resale value on clothing, even top brands like Chanel is low, but with handbags, the resale value increases proportionately.

There are only a few items that you need in your handbag collection as the basis.  Invest in a great tote and medium size handbag.  These will get you through the work day.

Then there is the meal bag – no this is not the bag used to pay for meals, it is the one that you are going to take with you to luncheons and dinners.  This is a smaller handbag that will sit nicely on your chair, not protrude outward so that the waiter cannot get through.  It will be large enough for your cell phone, lipstick, and in my case, my glasses so I can see the menu and any other reading material.  Don’t forget at least 10 business cards, always be prepared should be your motto.  One more important component of this handbag is that it will hold your driver’s license, a credit card and at least $8.  Why $8?  Valet parking is usually $5 and that allots for a tip for the valet attendant.

Look for quality stitching in a handbag and a fabric that will wear with time.  Take into consideration how hard you are on a handbag. A higher price point does NOT mean durability.  Quite often it is the opposite as more delicate fabrics mean a higher price.

If I ever write a book, I will dedicate an entire section to handbags as I have always had a penchant for them since I was first a Handbag Manager for Neiman Marcus in 1989.  There is so much to tell about them and so much they tell about us.  For me, it has been a love affair for a lifetime.


Photos of the Chanel 255, Prada Saffiano tote, Louis Vuitton Speedy and Chloe Nile handbags from Pinterest.