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22 March 2017

Fashion + Style – At What Price?

For many years, my entire wardrobe consisted of luxury clothing, shoes, accessories and jewelry.  Imagine how difficult (and expensive) it was to purchase a gift for me.  While my career has moved out of retail, it remains rooted in fashion and style even though my shopping habits have changed dramatically.  It is now a guessing game amongst my friends as to what I am wearing is expensive and what is not.

Fashion and style are not about price tag, it is about knowing who you are and what image you want to project.  Then mixing and matching your wardrobe to reflect this.  That is where a professional image consultant comes in handy.  Think of the money that you have spent on items that are in your closet and items that are thankfully no longer there.  A professional image consultant will save you the time and money that you spent on these items.

As I sit here today writing this, I am wearing AG jeans, bejeweled Manolo Blahnik flats, a Tiffany bracelet, diamond studs with an amazing blue and white striped button down shirt.  I love the shirt and it feels soft to the touch.  It is also from Ross and I am sure that I paid less than $20 for it.  The entire shirt cost less than the tax I paid for my shoes.

Fortunately, I have never been materialistic enough to demand high end gifts, one full of thought and kindness touches my heart more than anything.  Although, I am not foolish enough to pass up a diamond or two.