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07 March 2017

What Happens Before You Start to Speak?

Whenever you meet a person for the first time, you make an instant judgement about that person.  It is not intentional, but we all notice certain aspects about someone else upon an introduction.  It could be their style, hair, attire, jewelry, shoes, any number of things, but that first impression has been made.

We all know that we need to make eye contact, have a firm handshake and that invisible string pulling up our posture, but think about the entire presentation you make.

A few quick tips:

  • Make sure your clothes are pressed, without any spots or stains and all working parts. This means buttons sewn and sealed, zippers closed and seams stitched shut.  Deodorant belongs under your arms, not on your clothing.
  • Your shoes have a nice shine, suede is brushed, soles fresh. For the ladies, this includes having the taps on your heels.  Watch for wear from driving and I recommend that you have an extra pair of the shoes in the car to drive.
  • Check your hair and for the ladies, your makeup. Your hair needs to be in place, and stay current with your hair cut to avoid shagginess.  (This is not Scooby Doo, and there will not be any Scooby snacks).  Make sure that there is not lipstick on your teeth, running eyeliner and makeup has been blended.  For the men with facial hair, make sure that it is trimmed and ladies, if you have facial hair, fix it as there are a lot of options.  Check for this in natural light.
  • Last tip is on jewelry. For men, if you wear it, know what is accepted in your industry.  For the financial and legal worlds, less is more, wear an appropriate watch and wedding ring.  For the women, make sure that you don’t jingle when you walk or gesture.  Jewelry should not get in your way, it needs to complement.

Make the first impression that you want and make it last.  A professional image consultant can ensure that you are spot on with this.  Contact me at for assistance.


photo from Pinterest