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15 June 2017

Cool Fabrics for the Heat of Summer for the Gentleman

There are so many more options for men in the summer time. Start with the fabric choices that you are making. Natural fibers breathe better than man made materials, even today. Linen and cotton are both excellent options that are natural fibers. Yes, linen does wrinkle but as someone said to me very early on in my career, those wrinkles are the sign that it is really linen and thus more expensive; a sign of wealth. For cotton, touch it before you buy it and make sure it is lightweight. Brushed cotton is not a summer weight fabric, but there are many weaves that are much lighter. Additionally, denim can be either very heavy or lightweight in all colors. A lighter denim is lovely on a warm day. Lastly for your suits, sportcoats, and trousers, look for tropical weight wool. This typically does not wrinkle either.

For your suit jackets and sportcoats, here’s the reminder to look at the lining. The lining can be unbearable when it is made of a fabric that does not breathe. For a more casual sportcoat, look for one that is unlined. Typically, this will be an unstructured style, great for out to dinner or casual Friday. Another option for the jacket or sportcoat is a vest. Dress up or accessorize your jacket, sportcoat or vest with a coordinating or contrasting pocket square. This is an excellent touch that will elevate the look and add a panache of style.

On the weekends, shorts are an option. Check the length of your shorts to make sure that they are proportioned to your shape. This includes the waist, the length of the rise and where the hemline falls on the leg. I have to say it, but feel the need to say that when you get dressed initially, make sure your shorts, shirts, trousers are all pressed. The wrinkled look is not “in”.

Also, remember that your belt and shoes do not have to be matched. They can coordinate or contrast and sometimes either the shoe or belt is a great place to add a pop of color. For footwear, there are lots of options, place with your hosiery on your feet. With trousers, add a pattern here. If you want a sockless look but it is uncomfortable for you, footies are an option.

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