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05 June 2017

Dress to Impress as the Temperature Climbs Higher

During the summer months, it is so tempting to go a little bit more casual while working because, it is hot.  Temperatures rise all over the country and many areas exceed over 100 degrees for quite some time.  It is easy to think “I don’t need that jacket”, nobody will notice my sandals are a little worn or it’s ok to wear a short sleeve dress shirt under a jacket.  By the way, that is never ok.

Think back to what our parents and grandparents did when working in the summer months.  They still dressed, often with a hat and for the ladies, gloves.  Given the wonderful advancement of air conditioning, especially for those of us in warmer climates, we frequently go from our air-conditioned home to our temperature controlled automobiles and into our delightfully cool offices.  You can still dress to impress in these environments.

For men, if your job requires a suit, look for tropical weight wool fabrics and light linings.  The lining can be the biggest problem of all, so make sure that yours is made of natural fiber.  Too often, men’s suits are oversized and in need of being fit to their body, all of this extra fabric adds not only more weight on the body, but heat.  Get your suit fitted.

Women have many more options when it comes to professional attire.  Make sure that your arms are in shape and go sleeveless.  If you would like coverage on your arms, look for sleeves that are chiffon or another lightweight fabric.  A shrug is always a good option as well.  If you are going to dare to bare your legs, they need to be shaven (yes, it has to be said) and with a smooth even texture.  No one wants to see veins, bruises or scrapes.  Self tan if needed, but don’t turn your legs into carrot sticks – get the orange reference?

Lastly, if you are one of those people who are always cold in the air conditioning, bring something to layer on when you go inside.  Rarely will I go anywhere to dinner without bringing a jacket as I am perpetually cold.  It is a gift to me that boots and booties are a trend for the season!

More to come on Casual Friday and what to wear – or not.

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