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14 July 2017

What is an Image Consultant?

Remember learning to count in seconds, you put the word “Mississippi” in between each number.  Do that now and count to seven.  Seven seconds goes by so quickly – want to know what else happens in seven seconds?  In that short amount of time, a first impression is made.  Do you want the first impression you make to be one of competence, power and success?


There are three things that an image consultant must understand and have a high level of experience.  The first one is understanding strategic objectives, short and long-term goals and the image that a business wants to reflect.  What do you want the community to think about your business, who you are and what you stand for?  We drive the bottom line profit, invest in human capital as our greatest asset and have a social conscience.

The second level of expertise comes from thorough knowledge about fashion and style.  These are two very different things that intertwine.  An image consultant understands fashion from the standpoint of keeping their client updated and modern.  Style is about realizing what the client is comfortable in while upping the ante with the fashion component.


Lastly, an image consultant needs to understand the lifestyle of a busy executive.  This includes their professional life with high impact meetings, casual Friday and all other places that business is done, including on the weekend, at even

ts, dinners, cocktail/black tie events.  An image consultant knows the time constraints both professionally and personally of the executive.  The focus of the image consultant is on the functions of their client’s lifestyle to pull together the looks for the executive and all components of their life.

When you work so hard to pull together business plans, strategies and presentations, remember how equally important your appearance is in determining your abilities.  In a short time, you can make that first impression the lasting one that says success.  I have the unique combination of all, an understanding of business, fashion and lifestyle.  With over 20 years of experience as a corporate executive in the retail world prior to creating STYLEdge®, you have it all available to you.  The investment in an image consultant will return itself over and over again.


One “Mississippi” – Two “Mississippi” – Three “Mississippi” – Four “Mississippi” – Five “Mississippi” – Six “Mississippi – Seven “Mississippi”