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07 November 2017

Fall Colors of the Season

As the Season Brings Us Changes in Color, What Changes in Color Are in Your Wardrobe?

This fall season brings with us an array of colors expanding beyond the neutrals.  Think about turquoise, red, pink and silver as additions to your fall wardrobe then the emphasis on how chic navy and black look when worn together.   The good news is that all of these colors will stretch into your wardrobe when we move into the spring season.  This fall gave us trends that added longevity to your attire.


With all of these colors, there is an array of shades from bold to serene that can be worn.

Since the time change took away our evening light, a dash of one of these colors brings the night into the light.


Build your wardrobe around the Five Types of Professional Attire™:

  1. Everyday Professional
  2. High Impact Meeting
  3. Day to Dinner
  4. Business Casual
  5. Weekend Wear

When purchasing clothing think about proportion and what is the right size for your build.  Take a look at your body to see how broad your shoulders are, if you are long or short waisted and if you are long legged in proportion to your size.  There is more to this than simply knowing if you are petite, tall, lean, curvy.  As always, would you like the right to command the room from the second you arrive or would you like to earn it?  The answer to this is obvious, but the solution is not always.  Get the assistance of a professional image consultant to help you save time and money.