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23 December 2017

The Holidays – What to Wear?

Holiday plans are all in place, while there is still more shopping to do, everything else is done.  Now that I know where I am going, my next stop was to my closet to figure out what I am going to wear to each one of these festive events and what I can have fun shopping for to add.
The number of parties and activities can take place from everything to gingerbread house building to black tie galas, the ability to pick out just the right outfit can add to the joy of the season – or it can be yet another burden to figure out during a time that is already busy.  Let’s figure it out.
For an open house, know who your hosts are and what type of party you are attending.  In the next few days, I go to open houses where it is acceptable to wear jeans and others that require more formal dress.  Because you tend to know your host, ask when you RSVP.  Even when wearing jeans, add in something that highlights the season.  A sweater does not need to be the tasteless sweaters that we have seen in the past, think of something with some sequins intertwined through it or with a metallic sheen.  If you are thinking about wearing a nice top, apply the same criteria as with the sweater.  There is not an open house where distressed jeans will be appropriate, leave them at home with your sneakers.
For a dressier open house or party, think about wearing something that has a satin feel to it.  Satin is a wonderful fabric and is available in silk as well as beautifully made in synthetic fabrics.  This can be worn as a top, skirt or pant, there is not much more glamorous than satin pants.  Pair them with a lightweight sweater, maybe something with a fur trim.  As an aside when it comes to fur, faux or real, it is your preference.  Most of all, make sure that your dress is not too short or you are showing too much cleavage, there is always that person at the party and you do not want it to be you.
Add in some nice accessories, they do not have to be bell earrings that will make you a little crazy when they jingle every time you move your head.  Use accessories that complement your outfit or become the focus of it. Bracelets that cling clang are cute for about a minute, then become annoying so check that before you walk out the door.

 For men, a sport coat is always appropriate, and one can take you the whole way through the season.  The color of navy is perfect for this!  Add a tie to make it dressier or pair it with a woven shirt.  Since the temperatures in our area are a little warmer, wear something so that you can remove the jacket if it is too hot.  A nice pair of cotton twill trousers are always appropriate, but keep in mind that pleats while more comfortable in your mind, add extra weight to your mid-section.  If you are feeling bold, add in a bright red, green, blue or silver depending on the holiday you are celebrating.  A cardigan sweater is another option and looks so fresh and festive with neckwear.  A third option is a vest, not the tacky holiday one, but one in either a bold color or neutral like black, navy or grey.



Cocktail events do require a suit for men.  Make is more festive with a fun pocket square to accent your neckwear or be even more brilliant with fun hosiery on your feet.  For ladies, the choices are endless, a dress or separates that have a little extra shine and shimmer go a long way.  Watch the heel height for comfort and ability to walk with grace. 
For a black tie event, a tuxedo is always perfect for a gentleman, use the tie as an accent in your favorite holiday color.  Shoes must be polished and shined, this is not an option.  For women, a gown that is properly fit makes all the difference.  Or invest in separates, that shiny sweater that you wore to the open house can be paired with a pair of black satin pants or full length skirt for black tie.


To transition from the office to a dinner or party, for women, add a red lipstick.  Look for a color that complements your skin and they come with several undertones to find the right one for you.  Visit your favorite makeup counter and add that as a gift for you.


For both men and women, make sure that your shoes are polished and comfortable.  You will be doing more standing at these fun functions and you want to make it through the night without pinched toes.
The colors of the season are always fun to wear – add them in as the main base of your outfit or as accents.  Aside from the main ones we always think of, think about metallic in shades of gold, silver, brass and pewter.  They are always lovely and festive.


If you RSVP’d, make sure to attend the event, the host has established a count with their preparation (and expense of the party).  A gift for the host is always lovely and there are so many options for that, the worst is showing up empty handed.
Enjoy the holiday season and wishing all of you the best for the next year!
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