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22 January 2018

Confidence Speaks Loudly

Often times, it is easy to think that only if….

Only if I were thinner, only if I were taller, only if my skin were smoother, only if my hair looked like it did after a blow out, only if I had more money to buy better clothes, only if I had more time.

The biggest ONLY IF to think of is only if I had more confidence. Walk into the room and own it with your stride, gaze and confidence in yourself. Speak without a question in your voice. Do not apologize for asking a question or making a suggestion – in fact, do not apologize.

As an image consultant, I make numerous presentations to professional men and women. Always, I ask the question of what they like about their body. Astoundingly, the women talk about what they do not like and the men actually respond with what they do like. Why is that women launch into what they do not like?

Reverse this and think about what you like, no think about what you love, about your body. Personally, I have gained quite a bit of weight due to some really stressful situations over the last year. While I am working my way back down the scale, it never changed how much I love having long limbs or that I like my blue eyes or that I dared to cut my hair into a pixie.

Only if… women had more confidence in their place in the business world, women owned their space and realized that it is ok to be confrontational, women spoke their thoughts with the great skill that they have. An image consultant will immediately see your assets to pull more into that category while diminishing your liabilities. The result is that your net worth will increase.