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16 February 2018

Your Image is Your Brand

While first impressions are made in less than ten seconds, they are lasting. An individual is the best representation of their image and brand, it must be aligned with those of the organization in all aspects of life. According to a Harvard Study of Communications, it takes seven more appearances to change the vision of a first impression. Further when one feels like they look better, their performance escalates.

A professional spends hours, days, weeks, months and years building their career and has finally arrived. Now is the time to look like it. Build the image of a success and build a brand. As a high level executive, this professional has also become a community leader and mentor to those who aspire to their level of success. Through the time spent climbing the corporate ladder, a leadership image is established, this has been time that wisely spent building a brand. Image is now preceding when this leader walks into a room, that is their brand. Just as a product has a brand, so does an executive.

Make your image one that reflects the success of you have achieved. As an image consultant working one on one with individuals and speaking to organizations, I have the key to this level of success. You can establish your image that reflects the prosperous results that you have achieved. For those that have arrived in the Csuite or on their way, having an image of success, leadership and performance is crucial. For an organization that is looking for an edge to their competition, I can help the team step up to push through the competition with a speaking engagement.