Patty Soltis is the Founder & CEO of STYLEdge® Fashion LLC, an image consulting company that works with alpha professionals to establish credibility in the eyes of their clients without saying a word.

For the past three years, she has worked with business leaders and their organizations to understand image and how it reflects on their brand. Patty travels locally, nationally and internationally to speak about professional attire in a factual, but always entertaining manner.  She is seen as an international expert on television, online and print media on this subject.  Patty wrote the book First Impressions Last, the essential guide for professional women.  This is an updated, modern version of Dress for Success based on the attire needs today for the professional.

Patty’s background in retail management for over 20 years, mostly as a Vice President/General Manager, for companies such as Neiman Marcus, Lord & Taylor and Marshall Fields developed her experience in business, retail and fashion.  The training and education that she received has led to her success as an image consultant; this combines her business acumen with her lengthy knowledge of fashion, style and attire needed for success.

The STYLEdge® clients will tell you with energy, enthusiasm and excitement how this has improved their performance and results.


Why does Patty do this:

When working on a presentation to close the big deal with a client, you spend hours working on this with your team then you are faced with the difficult decision of how to dress to impress. Shopping is either overwhelming or it is impossible to find the perfect piece, the same mistakes are repeated as a result.  

Time is sparse and competition is fierce. My quest as an image consultant is to give you that time back with the confidence of knowing that you will make a killer first impression.  It is a known fact that when you look better, you exude confidence.  

I understand the pressures of the business world and the demands it makes on your time, I have been there.  My goal is to give you back some of that precious time with your family and friends doing things that bring you joy.


Patty believes strongly in giving back to the community and has spent years working with several charitable organizations and causes, her philanthropic work centers around female empowerment.  She is a board member at The Centre for Women, Dress for Success, the Miss Tampa Scholarship Foundation and the University of Tampa Sykes School of Business.  She is an active member of Women in Action at The Crisis Center and University of South Florida’s Women in Leadership and Philanthropy.

Clients and Partners

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