29 March 2018

Accessories to Astound! STYLEdge on Great Day Tampa Bay

Accessories can be the highlight of your outfit or used to accent the look.  Watch this link from Great Day Tampa Bay for tips from STYLEdge’s Patty Soltis on how to make a killer first impression with your accessories. http://www.wtsp.com/article/entertainment/television/programs/great-day-tb/accessorize-with-right-way/67-532854917 First Impressions Last book authored by Patty Soltis coming soon.    
19 March 2018

The Little Black Dress

The little black dress is a “must have” in every professional woman’s wardrobe. Take a look at this article STYLEdge’s Patty Soltis wrote for Alive Tampa Bay published by Greg C. Truax about the little black dress, the romanticism of it and how designers have made it their signature piece. We all grieve the passing of the...
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16 February 2018

Your Image is Your Brand

While first impressions are made in less than ten seconds, they are lasting. An individual is the best representation of their image and brand, it must be aligned with those of the organization in all aspects of life. According to a Harvard Study of Communications, it takes seven more appearances to change the vision of...
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07 November 2017

Fall Colors of the Season

As the Season Brings Us Changes in Color, What Changes in Color Are in Your Wardrobe? This fall season brings with us an array of colors expanding beyond the neutrals.  Think about turquoise, red, pink and silver as additions to your fall wardrobe then the emphasis on how chic navy and black look when worn...
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