04 February 2016

Sharp Dressed Man!

There is nothing more powerful, handsome and sexy than a well dressed man – think James Bond, George Clooney and Tom Ford.  Always with the perfect fit, dimple in the neckwear and break in the trousers.  Add a pocket square for more flair.  Command respect as you stride into the room. Work with the sales...
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25 January 2016

Step Up Your Professional Attire

When shopping for professional attire, look for clean lines and clothing that still has a sense of style.  The most important thing you can do is to have the clothing fitted to your body.  This makes all of the difference!  Not only does it make you look polished and sophisticated, it makes the clothing look...
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16 December 2015

Getting ready for the holidays!

It’s so confusing to know what you need.  Let’s simplify. Get a great evening bag – clutch or shoulder. It will go with almost everything.  Make sure to watch STYLEdge Fashion on Channel 10, Studio 10 at 9am on December 22, 2015 for more holiday tips!  Photos from Pinterest  
02 December 2015

The Perfect Holiday Gift

Often we are asked what is the perfect holiday gift, and the answer is a STYLEdge Fashion Gift Certificate.  The team at STYLEdge Fashion can do so much to add ease to someone’s life with a personal shopping experience, a closet transformation or style update.  View all services at https://styledgefashion.com/services/ It is the perfect gift for...
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22 November 2015

Happy Thanksgiving in STYLEdge Fashion!

What a great gift the STYLEdge Syndicate is!  Join us at https://styledgefashion.com/services/styledge-syndicate/. It is the week of Thanksgiving and we are all getting a little cooler weather, with some of you snow, not us in Florida.  To get prepared for the upcoming holiday season, visit the STYLEdge Syndicate Shops for the perfect attire, jewelry, shoes...
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