22 November 2015

Happy Thanksgiving in STYLEdge Fashion!

What a great gift the STYLEdge Syndicate is!  Join us at https://styledgefashion.com/services/styledge-syndicate/. It is the week of Thanksgiving and we are all getting a little cooler weather, with some of you snow, not us in Florida.  To get prepared for the upcoming holiday season, visit the STYLEdge Syndicate Shops for the perfect attire, jewelry, shoes...
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02 September 2015

Tips for a Great Photo

This is a great time to have a head shot taken.   It is the one time to leave sunscreen out of your morning routine.  Wear something in color or a great piece of jewelry.  Don’t worry if you have a blemish, a good photographer will make that go away.  And the best part is that...
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19 August 2015

STYLEdge Syndicate

  Join the STYLEdge Syndicate and through this fashion group, you can spend time with other fashionable people: Learn about the current season’s trend and how to wear them Discover true secrets to shopping in stores and online Find the hidden gems of shopping in your area Gain access to special promotions with local boutiques...
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26 June 2015

Beauty is not only skin deep.

Thankfully, I received good things from both of my parents, my height, lanky limbs and inability to dance or sing from my dad (he’s 6’6″ short and I’m 5’9″). My wittiness, sarcasm and quickness from my mom.  Also, my good skin from my mama (isn’t she beautiful!). She looks amazing and has not had any...
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