Style Consulting

Your image is your brand, we can define and enhance your personal sense of style.  Feel and project  confident with your appearance and presentation as you command the room.  If you have a new position or stature, we will make sure that you are putting your best foot forward, literally.  Packages start at $600.

“My job role has a tremendous amount of responsibility and global visibility. Stakeholders look to my office to provide guidance relating to their personal safety. I don’t have the time (or, frankly, interest) to spend on my wardrobe, but recognize that establishing trust-based relationships requires conveying a confident image.

I trusted STYLEdge® to help me create the personal professional presence I desired to assure confidence is delivered along with my expertise.  AND Patty did it in one weekend!  I am out the door in the morning faster and ready to take on the world!”  Lisa A.

Personal Shopping

Assistance in finding the right items for your closet and wardrobe at the right price to look amazing.  We pre-shop for two hours for you, then you spend two hours in the fitting rooms acquiring the items you need to enhance your wardrobe and image.  Package cost $600 and can be customized.  

Closet Transformation

Make your closet work for you!  Discover how many outfits are already in your closet and find out what items to keep, alter, donate and discard.  Acquire a shopping list of the few missing items and how to wear that elusive piece of attire or accessory.  Three hours $450, four hours $600.

“WOW! For the amount I’d pay for one outfit, Patty put together at least 20 amazing ensembles using the clothes I already had in my closet. I feel like I have a whole new wardrobe without going shopping!”  Christy V.  

Fashion Presentations

Large scale runway fashion shows, intimate fashion show events and custom STYLEdge® presentations.  Formal or informal, the experts at STYLEdge® can handle all aspects of the fashion presentation.  Priced based on project, contact us for a proposal.  

Ready For Your Close-Up?

Whether it is having a professional photo taken, enhancing your image on social media or a special occasion, STYLEdge® can help you with your head shot.  This includes styling for you and coordinating hair, makeup, one hour shoot in one look, 30 minutes of touch-ups and the disc.  Package $600.



Special Services

Have your outfit pulled together for that special occasion. Get your suitcase packed with all the items that you really need. If you wear a “uniform” to work, let STYLEdge® help you break out of that rut. Learn how to care for all of the items in your fashion wardrobe. Understand how to mix expensive items with more reasonable items.  Packages start at $300.

Public Appearances

Want to have a Fashion Chat? We will educate your audience on it on a variety of style & fashion topics including the latest trends, how to dress for your environment, how to wear various colors, items and styles.  Priced based on request, contact us for a proposal.  

Corporate Image Presentation

Ensure that your team represents your brand with their clients and the community.  STYLEdge® works with individuals and teams to polish their personal presentation skills to project the image of your brand.  Priced based on request, contact us for a consultation and proposal.  

Business Consulting

With over 20 years of business experience, STYLEdge® can help you with strategic business development, customer development, marketing, public relations, operations and human resources.  Priced based on request, contact us for a consultation and proposal.  

STYLEdge Syndicate

For the woman who is interested in style and fashion as a part of her lifestyle.  Our members understand the importance of image and presentation for their professional and personal lives.  With eight meetings a year and other benefits, you can be confident that your appearance is a positive representative of you.    

Fee required for membership. Read more –

Gift Certificates are available for purchase. Read more – Corporate accounts are available as well.