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  • Personal presentation and wardrobe cohesive with your position and goals
  • Presentations for organizations to implement overall branding goals
  • Public speaking and appearances for business conferences and events
  • Style consultation and coordination for your professional head shot
  • Runway fashion show production to highlight trends, create excitement and drive sales
  • Business consulting on strategic growth and development, marketing, community relations.  

At STYLEdge®, we have a proven track record of creating brand and image strategies for professionals.  We enjoy collaborating and working with hundreds of clients from coast to coast to  place their image on a trajectory helping them exceed their goals.  Confidence exudes from within and when you are professionally styled in a refined and sophisticated manner, there is no question that you will excel.  

“This business will really help you with your fashion and professional needs.”  Luke C.  

“These wonderful professionals have helped me organize my closet and find stylish clothes to meet my lifestyle.  They are friendly, knowledgeable and very professional.”  Michelle S.  

“Patty Soltis and Elaine Sweeney work very hard to ensure that you, your image and and your brand are seamless.”  Kate S.  



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Join the STYLEdge Syndicate

For the woman who is interested in style and fashion as a part of her lifestyle.  Our members understand the importance of image and presentation for their professional and personal lives.  With eight meetings a year and other benefits, you can be confident that your appearance is a positive representation of you.  

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Gift Certificates and corporate accounts are available for purchase of any or all of the services.