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Image Consultant for Alpha Professional

A first impression is made in the blink of an eye – make one of results, success and achievements.  As the world has become more visual and judgement on abilities is being made at lightning speed, each impression made is lasting.  

Exceed goals with the look of success, know that professional presentation is perfection, and exude confidence to get the job done. With the knowledge that a first impression is being made of this, the bottom line is on an upward trajectory.

With the Five Manners of Professional Attire™, your image becomes your brand of achievement and results:

  1. Everyday Professional
  2. High Impact Meeting
  3. Day to Dinner
  4. Business Casual
  5. Weekend Wear

Professional Attire Presentations

Brand your company to the look of success using the Five Manners of Professional Attire™. All members of the organization represent the company, streamline your team’s presentation and their ability to get results with these five easy steps.  

Executive Coaching

If you are in the C Suite or looking to get there, build your image of success with a wardrobe using STYLEdge’s® three step process. When you present yourself in a sophisticated, refined manner, your clients and community will respond to your leadership.

STYLEdge Syndicate

For professional women that are engaged in fashion, style, fit and trend as it relates to their professional life. Membership required.

In one of numerous media appearances, Patty Soltis defines what to wear for Business Casual on Great Day Tampa Bay.   

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First Impressions Last Book Presale Starts April 23

A first impression happens in the blink of an eye, this book guides the professional woman with modern attire for boardrooms to offices to business dinners to business casual to weekend wear. With these easy steps, the professional woman has an updated, functional wardrobe, focused shopping list and most of all, a first impression that lasts of competence, power and success.

Join the STYLEdge Syndicate

For the woman who is interested in style and fashion as a part of her lifestyle.  Our members understand the importance of image and presentation for their professional and personal lives.  With eight meetings a year and other benefits, you can be confident that your appearance is a positive representation of you.  

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