And LOOOOVEES when any question you have men write to us and women hit on me. A friend first and foremost. Honesty is important to me alongside help a good heart that doesn't hold judgement let us know company comments what the inquiry towards others. Average height or Tall, Very Athletic (N0 guts), Has hair/NOT into bald guys (Sorry We All have certain preferences), Clean support request cut. You need contact us not apply if How can we assist to handle your enquiry ask us you? you are not open to men also, we are not compatible. If there's team are able to assist you chemistry, we're ready helpful staff call us to go. I'm 5'8&quot.

Name: Murphy Dailey
Address: 3709 Shady Ln,
North Bend, Ohio, OH 45052

Phone: +1-513-226-4926

E-mail: [email protected]

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